About EQMarkets

EQMarkets is a leading Straight Through Processing (“STP”) Company with a mission to provide the most advanced and premium trading experience to our ever-growing global client base. We value the relationship and trust we develop with our traders and will always chose to represent their best interest.

As an STP Company, our role is to serve as a link between the Trader and the Liquidity Provider/Market by offering an exceptional platform and customer service. EQMarkets has made it our mission to deliver only the best rates for all our tradable assets while maintaining the highest levels of investment and transaction security. By using the Straight Through Processing model, we have the opportunity to work with multiple regulated Market Makers and Liquidity provider, which allows us to bring an unprecedented trading experience to our clients, previously available only to the higher echelons of traders.

At EQMarkets we guarantee that client’s investments and transaction are completely secure and handled by only best European investment firms. We achieve this by strictly partnering with regulated Market Makers and Liquidity Providers, with regulations and registrations ranging from BaFIN, MiFID, CyCEC, FCA and many more. Moreover, our clients can be sure that every single investment, trade or transaction will be processed in accordance with European regulations and standards.

We proudly house a cutting edge and technologically advanced systems which are revolutionary for the Forex, Equities and Shares industry. This allows us to provide superbly maintained trading platforms and the most advanced billing system that has been fine tuned to match our vast and dynamic clientele.

At EQMarkets we provide our clients with a top of the line, world’s class, cross browser trading platforms. Our years of expertise in trading and customer service makes trading Forex, Shares, commodities or Indices easy to learn, practice and trade even for beginners. Our trading forums and a variety of financial trading blogs offer the latest news, market insight and the most advanced tools. Our aim is to deliver and exceptional level of personal service and support to help all of our traders develop a deep understanding of financial trading, perfect their trading strategies and shape a clearer picture of the global opportunities in trading Forex, Shares and Equities with EQMarkets.

Our web-trading platform lets you trade the markets from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. With an outstanding platform support team working day and night to provide a supreme up time of nearly 99.9% for our platforms.

Why EQMarkets?

EQMarkets places the customer right at the heart of our organisation. For this reason we represent the best interests of our traders and aim to provide and unprecedented level of customer service and trading experience. We break the barrier between higher end trading conditions for our clients and invest into each and every trader on an individual level. We are passionate about our commitment to our customers, and for this reason we are here to offer the most secure and industry leading STP Services.